The Brickyard at Playa Vista

Los Angeles, CA

The Brickyard at Playa Vista is Loyola Marymount University’s creative center for students and professionals specializing in the fields of technology and creative media. This hub in Silicon Beach is often regarded as the “Silicon Valley” of Los Angeles. The expansive development has distinctive traits, such as a “Central Park” as a recreational space, a 9,000 sqft daycare for employees’ families, and the white brick exterior giving the development its name: The Brickyard.

The Primus Linea series can be seen throughout the parking levels and some of the walkways of the development. As one of our flagship product lines, the Linea series is a great solution for this application because the product is geared for functional purposes, but it’s simple and sleek design aligns with the design of the white brick building: simple yet beautiful.


     Linea Series
    Linea 2 - RLR
    Linea 3 - RLR
    Surface Mount
    3000K LED Boards
    RF Transmitter / Receiver
    Architectural Endcaps
    Powder Coat White


    Architect: Michael Maltzan Architecture
    Lighting Consultant: HLB Lighting Design
    Lighting Representative: Light
    Photography: Michael Maltzan Architecture


    Surface Mount
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