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Decostring FAQ's

Decostring System includes:

  • Sockets
  • Wire
  • Aircraft Cable (Support Cable)
  • Standard Lamps

Not Included:

  • Termination Kits (Standard Termination Kit, Turnbuckle Termination Kit,
    Lightweight Termination Kit)
  • Shades
  • Premium Lamps
  • Plugs
  • Lamp Silicon Coating
  • Suspension Kits

Yes, but only our standard lamps. Premium lamps will cost more. Refer to the Decostring cutsheet or consult factory for more information.

85 CRI is standard with most of our lamps; however, there are few options up to 90 CRI that are more costly.

Yes, and even better, most of our lamps are Dim to Off. Please note that we do not provided dimmers for our lamps. We are compatible with most trailing edge dimmer. Click here for a detailed list of dimmers.

There are four factors that influence the total length of a run: length of power cord, electrical load, physical/mechanical practicality implications, and shipping.

The longest run length would be 490ft based on a 500 ft maximum length because our power cable comes in 500’ spools.

Each run is technically rated for a full 20A (1920w derated) 120v circuit however this is never exceeded now with LED lamps. Therefore, electrical load is not going to be an issue because if you were to hypothetically load a single circuit with a single run of our Decostring, it could be over a mile (5280 ft) in length to max out 1920 watts.

If the goal is to determine the maximum single run length with only two attachment points for installation, then it will be a question of physical and mechanical implications. Our Lightweight termination kit has a working load of about 30 lbs. Our Standard and Turnbuckle termination kits have a working load of about 175 lbs. If the Decostring system weighs 5oz/ft with 24” O/C, then the Lightweight termination kit can theoretically handle up to 96 ft. The Standard and Turnbuckle termination kits can handle up to 560 ft.

We can package well above 500 ft of Decostring in a single box. However, freight will likely increase because a larger box will be needed.

We have conducted extreme weather testing at -40 Celsius for 100 hours. Impact and Pull testing were conducted throughout the testing and the system was still fully operational by the end of the test.

Our Decostring is ETL listed for permanent wet installations. Decostring has also been installed in various regions with harsher weather, such as wind, heavy rain, snow, and extreme heat. We are comfortable to say that our Decostring can handle weather elements well. For more information, contact a Primus technical specialist.

Decostring can be cut in the field to make some minor adjustments in length.

Significant changes in length are also possible but we do not recommend doing this because you risk damaging the product and risk the project by cutting a run length too short.

We do not supply dimmers with our Decostring system.

We recommend doing single runs for zig zag patterns or any type of patterns where there are multiple attachment points because this allows for easier installation, adjustments, and removal if necessary. However, this decision is at the discretion of the customer.

Single Run





Easier AdjustmentsSlightly More Costly
Easier Installation 
Easier Removal
for Service/Repair



Continuous Runs



CheaperGreater Difficulty for Adjustments
 Not friendly for Zig Zag Patterns
 Will need to bring down entire system to service/repair



When caught between two whole numbers, such as 10’ and 11’ and unsure if you should round up or down,we have found this to be the best results:

  • Round Down: 9”, 12”, 18” and 24” O/C spacing
  • Round Up: 36” and 48” O/C spacing

Here are a few examples for clarification:

  • 100’ 6” Run @ 9” O/C Spacing = Round Down
  • 58’ 4” Run @ 36” O/C Spacing = Round Up
  • 20’ 8” Run @ 18” O/C Spacing = Round Down

Decostring can work with a 12V system, but we do not recommend because you must use transformers which can make the project costly. This also makes planning and manufacturing more difficult because you are drastically limited with run lengths when you use a 12V system.

Yes, except for the Hat shade (DSH), Radial Wave shade (DSRW), and Reflector Guard shade (DSRG). These shades must be preinstalled in the factory.

It is possible; however, we do not recommend purchasing Decostring without our lamps because we can no longer take responsibility of the ETL listing and warranty may likely be voided.

If you would still like to purchase the Decostring system without our lamps, please ensure that the lamp used is a wet-rated lamps and you will need to sign a letter releasing Primus Lighting, Inc. of any liability.

The most common bare lamp spacing is 24” o/c. Estimate the complete dead load weight at 5oz / ft or about 15LBS for a 50’ run. For a 7” cone shade at 48” o/c the estimate only changes to about 7oz / ft. Largershades and alternate spacing changes these values a bit. System maximum working load is 175LBS which includes lighting system and termination hardware kits.

Our standard is 3/32” Stainless steel aircraft cable, but if needed, we can also use 3/16” or 1/8” cable. Consult a Primus technical specialist to determine if a largercable is needed.

Raw brass comes with imperfections as it is and will gradually turn green and improve appearance over time.

We provide an additional 4’ of wire and cable to both ends of a Decostring run. This allows you to adjust the system as needed. Please note that for about every 3 inches you adjust on one side of a run, you get about 12” of droop.

What is the difference between Standard, Lightweight, and Turnbuckle Termination Kits?

Trmination Kits Comparison Chart

Lightweight Standard Turnbuckle
Working Load (LBS) 30 175 175
Droop vs Tensioned Droop Dropp Tensioned
Instalation Time Fastest Faster Fast
Run Length Short Long Long
Price $ $ $$
Certifications and Compliances

Wet Location Fixtures: IP65

Non-Wet Location Fixtures: IP54

Established by the federal government, the Buy American Act promotes the use of USA products for government jobs with the aim of supporting the local economy. Under the BAA, there is a two-part test to determine whether a product is domestic:

  1. it must be “manufactured” in the United States; and
  2. the cost of domestic components must exceed a certain percentage of the cost of all the components.

Yes! All of our fixtures comply with the Buy American Act (BAA) standards.

Step & Aisle Lighting

Yes. A MLV dimmer is typically used to dim our magnetic transformer. Please note that we do not provide MLV dimmers.

Approximate hours of life for Step & Aisle Lighting is 50,000 hours.

Yes. Although both are field cuttable, Aisle Lighting is much easier for field cutting. We recommend that exact lengths are provided when submitting order to reduce the risk of field error, such as cutting lighting and wiring too short.

Yes. Our Aisle and Step Lighting are made of rubberized PVC which can easily take gentle curves. 

We have found that Aisle lighting can bend at about 10°/ft and Step Lighting at about 5°/ft. These values are estimates and vary between profile shapes; this should not be taken as absolute data. Contact a Primus technical specialist for more information.

Step & Aisle Lighting is mounted using Loctite PL 3x Premium or similar adhesive and strapped/sandbagged in place while curing takes place.

Shipping & Packaging

Ensuring your order gets to you on time and without any damages is one of our top priorities. We understand that some carriers may be indifferent about getting your order to you without any damages. We have found and tested that using double wall boxes, biodegradable foam, flow pack, and bubble pack is the best way to keeping your product safe, protected, and cost effective.

12 ft boxes are typically the longest we ship. We can do longer boxes; however, this will result with higher risk of damaging fixtures and costly freight.

FOB Origin. Routing will be at the discretion of Primus Lighting unless specified on purchase order.

All claims must be submitted to Primus Lighting within 45 calendar days from the receipt of shipment.It is the customers responsibility to check for any visible and/or concealed damages that occurred to package(s) and fixture(s) because of carrier mishandling. Refer to our Terms & Conditions found on our website for more info.

Our most commonly used freight carriers are:

  • Senderex
  • All States World Cargo
  • UPS
  • FedEx

We do accept third party billing. Please make note of this when submitting an order.


High quality is a fundamental pillar of success for Primus Lighting. To maintain this standard, all our products undergo a two-step inspection process to ensure that all products are free of material, mechanical, and workmanship defects prior to packaging.

LED Fixtures – 5 Years Limited Warranty

Decostring – 5 Years Limited Warranty

Decostring LED Lamps – 3 Years Limited Warranty

Step & Aisle Lighting – 1 Year Limited Warranty

We offer up to 10 Year Limited Warranty on most of our fixtures, but it will cost more.

Powder Coating

Black and any custom powder coat colors. Refer to the RAL chart when selecting a custom color.

Linear Luminaires

Yes! Just let us know what watts/ft or lumens/ft is required for the job.

80 CRI, but we can do up to 90 CRI which will cost more.

Elements Fixtures

Yes, but a watertight joiner fitting will have to be used every 12 FT.

Yes. Given the wet location application of this fixture, all emergency packs should be integral.


Yes! 0-10V dimming is standard with all of our Linear LED fixtures.

0-10V is standard with all Linear LED fixtures, Please note that alternatives like ELV or reverse dimming are available, but they come at a higher cost.

Yes, and even better, most of our lamps used for the Decostring system are Dim to Off. Please note that we do not provided dimmers for our lamps.

We are compatible with most trailing edge dimmer. Click here for a detailed list of dimmers.

Yes! but they come at a higher cost.

Not yet! If there is a sensor you would like us to implement into one of our fixtures for a project need, feel free to contact us.

Terms and Conditions

Net 30 for all returning + established customers. Pro Forma / Prepay for non-established or returning customers will poor payment history. Refer to our Terms of Payment policy for more info.

All orders must have a minimum billing of $250.00. An exception is made for additional parts and replacements. Refer to our 
Conditions of Sale policy for more information.

No. All our fixtures are manufactured to order with specific length and performance characteristics. Refer to our Changes to Order policy for more information.

No. All our fixtures are manufactured to order with specific length and performance characteristics. Refer to our Changes to Order policy for more information.

Custom Orders

Yes! Share your creative idea! We are always up for a challenge.

Submitting a custom order takes longer than usual because we need to experiment and confirm if we can successfully execute your idea! Start the process by submit a request or communicate your idea to our quotations department. Or you may simply fill out this
Custom Designs form to begin the process.

Lighting Representatives

You will want to work with your geographically closest lighting representative. If still unsure, contact us at info@primuslighting.com We would be more than happy to help!

Yes – all orders should be placed through local electrical distributors working through our territory lighting representatives.

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