Primus Conference Room

Los Angeles, CA

We believe and are proud of our products! Operating out of a 1937 Post Office, Primus Lighting went through some major TLC in 2015 - 2017. When looking at the conference room, we wanted something that not only captivated visitors, but also a fixture that embodied functionality, elegance, and cool factor. This was also around the time that we launched the first series of the geometrics line: Quadro.

The Primus Quadro 2 fixture used in the conference room comes in 2” wide extrusion, 2’ x 2’ dimension, square acrylic lens, 3500K LED boards, pyramid style cable mount, and with an up-light modification – illuminating both the ceiling and the floor. The unique shape of the fixture makes the Quadro 2 a great talking point during visits and conference meetings.


     Quadro Series
    Quadro 2 - SQL – Down Light (DL)
    2' x 2' Size
    3500K LED Boards (35K)
    Pyramid Style Suspension Cable Mount (PC)
    Up Light Modification


    Up & Down Light
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