Lake Street

Arnold's Park, IA

Primus is proud to announce its involvement in another revitalization project involving a cornerstone attraction in the Iowa Great Lakes region: Arnold’s Park. Lake Street is not only main street for the area but it’s also one of the main entry points to the Roof Garden, Queens Court shops, and Amusement Park.

Our Decostring with 10” acrylic spheres can be found hanging above Lake Street going from one post to another – creating a zig zag formation across the street. Ultimately bringing more visitors from all walks of life to the revamped area so they can create beautiful memories in this picturesque grand entrance.


    Decostring Series
    24” Spacing Pattern
    10” Acrylic Spheres
    G16.5 - 3W - 24K Lamps


    Architect: Hoerr Schaudt
    Lighting Representative: C&O Sales
    Photography: Ryan Howe / Jesse Brother Sioux City Journal


    Wet Location
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