Balboa Park

San Diego, CA

Comprised of 1,200 acres of urban park space, 16+ museums, San Diego Zoo, 65 miles of trails, and early 19th century architecture; Balboa Park is not only one of biggest urbans green spaces in the nation, but also one of the oldest. One of the key characteristics of this cultural hub is the 19th century Spanish colonial architecture which has been superbly preserved through the centuries. Making this a cultural hub welcoming more than 20 million visitors a year.

A critical requirement for this revitalization project was to ensure that our Decostring help illuminate walkways, plazas, and facia of the buildings; but more importantly, highlight the historical significance of Balboa Park. Our Decostring can be found hanging all throughout El Prado walkway, Lily Pond, Bea Evenson Fountain, and the Plaza in front of the California Tower. We are proud of our involvement and application of Decostring creating beautiful movielike settings for all visitors to enjoy Balboa Park.


     Decostring Series
    24" Spacing
    S14 - 2W - 27K Lamps


    Lighting Representative Del Sol
    Designer : City of San Diego


    Wet Location
    Parks & Landscapes
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